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FAVNET Signs with Squire Tech Solutions, for Mobile Comm Trailers

FAVNET signed a Partner Value Added Resale agreement with Squire Tech Solutions based in The Colony Texas for its mobile pCom® Mobile Communications Trailers and VSAT services.  “Why re-invent the wheel, states Michael Creamer, when Squire Tech Solutions has done such a great engineering and product manufacturing on their mobile trailers.” When a customer breaks a door or latch, all of theirs are manufactured the same dimensions and tolerances making them interchangeable. You just can’t beat that for customer support and reliability. The pCom® 300/400 models come with a Perkins Diesel 10KW (pCom 300) or 25KW (pCom 400) generator, respectively.  Now the entire compound and disaster communications trailer including area high intensity LED lighting and WiMAX can be run from one quiet power plant.  As shown in the picture, it comes with air compressor driver 30ft or optional 50 foot telescoping masts for additional RF antennae for potential Cellular Phone, Wi-Fi or WiMAX services.  The trailer contains two adjacent 20RU equipment racks, enclosed air conditioning and heating, conduits to external ports and compartments, keeping everything accessible and easy to maintain while sealing against the elements.
FAVNET will integrate additional Wi-Fi radio, NyCoil, WiMAX, video switching/encoding systems and antennas to customer requirements. In addition a fully auto acquisition AvL Technologies1.0meter (Optional 1.2m and 1.8m) VSAT satellite dish, Trac-Star controller (Cobham Industries Patented), which deploys in under 2 minutes. The Trailer will deploy with or without shore power and has an auto-start feature on the generator.  All buffered by a UPS, keeps the power consistent and smooth during cut-over or cold start. .  FAVNET’s Video Systems Integration division and its  reseller agreements with;  NewTek Tri-caster, vBrick encoders, will ensure professionally equipped SNG (Satellite New Gathering) or mobile uplink/field production mobile packages for on-location clients requirements for broadcast and/or live streaming applications.   Cameras for broadcast or high resolution (Day/Night) surveillance are also optional accessories for integration packages available from FAVNET.

COW with Telescoping Mast

Mobile Comm Trailer (pCom Stowed)

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About Squire Tech Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2004, Squire Tech Solutions LLC (Squire Tech) is the leading satellite interoperability technology company specializing in voice, video, Internet, and data to mission critical locations. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to operate in remote and mission critical locations.

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