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FAVNET Latest to Join Nitel Premier Partner Program

Immediate Release/November 15, 2011

FAVNET Latest to Join Nitel Premier Partner Program

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS [November 15, 2011] – FAVNET has partnered with Nitel, a nationally recognized provider of nationwide telecom network services, as the most recent addition to its Premier Partner Program.  “This was a strategic move to ensure best telephony service availability in remote rural areas for our energy and small business customers,” states Hamilton Johnson, managing partner for FAVNET. “Combined with our wireless and VSAT offerings, this will ensure end to end telephony solutions for our clients,” continues Hamilton.

Nitel is the one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, having more than doubled in size in the last 3 years. Nitel CEO Rick Stern stated, “We are thrilled to work with FAVNET and look forward to a successful partnership.  Nitel’s ability to provide cost-effective connectivity in rural parts of the country complement FAVNET’s current satellite, wireless and telephony offerings very well.”

With n-Tellipro, Nitel’s instant quoting and provisioning tool, FAVNET agents and sub-agents can submit quotes and ascertain availability to customer sites within minutes.  “This speeds up our response time and wireless solutions play determination/execution,” states Hamilton Johnson. “No longer are we waiting 30 days to get a site survey to find a client’s direction.”

FAVNET strives to find the best, most cost-effective solution.  “We are frequently asked, ’Aren’t you a VSAT company?’ FAVNET’s response is, ‘We are a Solutions Company with best-in-class VSAT, Wireless WiMAX, and terrestrial and traditional telephony providers.’  This is our philosophy and plan of attack with each and every client FAVNET takes on.”

Some of the key features that lead FAVNET’s managing partners to sign with Nitel are:

  • Cost Savings – nationwide flat rates on MPLS and Internet T1s
  • Rural network expertise
  • Real-time pricing and provisioning status through n-Tellipro
  • Online trouble reporting through n-Telliserve
  • Nationwide MPLS, Metro-Ethernet, SIP trunking, Internet (DIA) products
  • T1s, DS1s, T3s, DS3s, OCx, FE, GigE, 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps, with over 100 tier 1 carriers.

About Nitel

Nitel is a nationally recognized provider of wholesale MPLS, Ethernet, private line and Internet services.  Clients improve profitability and create operational efficiency with Nitel’s nationwide connectivity services.  Particularly in rural or difficult-to-reach areas, Nitel delivers a significant cost advantage through its unique flat rates.  As a virtual network operator, Nitel maximizes clients’ back-office efficiency using proprietary intelligence tools to accelerate procurement, installation and maintenance across the networks of over 100 carriers.  Clients who need to reach underserved or difficult-to-reach areas trust our expertise.  Products specifically designed for tier 2, tier 3 and rural markets ensure cost-effective connectivity while also delivering reliability and attentive customer service.

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