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SINOVISION – New Satellite Earth Station, Flushing NY

FAVNET was commissioned by EC Video Systems of Manhattan New York to supply and install an auto acquisition satellite dish to their client; US-based Chinese TV Broadcaster “SINOVISION”. This system acquires satellite downlink from their local mobile uplinked productions, feeding their Flushing New York Master Control with local live and on-demand international back-haul program content satellite feeds states Elbert Chan, President of EC Professional Video, Inc. This new system will have its inaugural debut with a multiple camera live production covering the Chinese New-Years’ Parades in China Town Manhattan then Flushing New York the following weekend. New Jersey based Metro-Vision will provide the production and satellite uplink remote services with multiple hard camera locations, anchor booth, and microwave wireless cameras on the streets. SINOVISION personnel will staff, produce and direct the entire live show production events over two weekends.

Commissioning andinstallation was coordinated by founder/partner Michael Creamer for FAVNET. The entire process including pulling and terminating all cables, testing and integration was completed in just 3 days. “The system is portable and can be moved to a new location, should they desire” states Michael Creamer for FAVNET. We knew they were in a major growth mode and may need the flexibility to relocate easily in the future. Special thanks to the entire SINOVISION IT Broadcast team; Jesse Xu, Charlie Wong and Weihua Peng who braved the January (15F) cold and stayed late to complete the cable pulling.

The TracStar® auto acquisition controller/power supply was located in a shared IT rack on the third floor outside the main studio and control room due to the limitation in space and cable lengths that could not exceed 200 feet. The Ericsson (Formerly Tandberg-TV) model RX1290 IRD (Multi-format SD/HD Integrated Receiver Decoder) was placed in the production master control room to decode and feed SDI video with embedded audio to the main switcher. The programming and test with Metro Vision was quick and painless. Typical SD/SDI transmission is carried on DVBS at 9MHZ of carrier bandwidth on “Galaxy” satellite video ad-hock transponders. The RX1290 is capable of decoding the DVBS and DVBS-2 for future HD productions.

SINOVISION has been providing valuable Chinese language news and program content to over 800,000 viewers in the Metro-New York area through several cable providers and one terrestrial transmitter {WMBC} covering New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. With an eye towards the future and expansion plans, FAVNET recommended the AvL Technologies [Model 2060-1220] 2.0 Meter antennae with quick interchangeable feed horn/LNB assemblies for KU-band and C-band makes the platform extremely versatile. With limited satellite experience, we wanted something fully automated and programmable, states Kinwei Foo Production Manager.

Initially the dish is to acquire content downlink and original program content including news in the Metro New York area. Eventually it will be expanded to include an uplink capacity to back-haul feeds to supply content to other international Asian broadcasters. This marks the 20 years of broadcasting states, Phillip Chang, President & founder of SINOVISION. We are looking to develop more content and we’re going live with our news casts in March of this year. Currently SINOVISION broadcast several news casts on delayed broadcast insertion including news weather sports several times daily.

SINOVSION dish at sunset looking out at Manhattan Skyline