WELLAV Successful Encoder/Decoder Testing

August 17, 2103 marked the first complete day of successful day of lab testing the NEW WELLAV SMP100 H.264 video encoder and their UMH “IRD“(Integrated Receiver Demodulator) decoder online. I am happy to report its 100% with no line errors dropped packets or tiling!  Now we just need to modulate it up on the bird and confirm all of our specifications to our “Link Budgets” and were complete!  Well and get take the confirmation feed back and utilize the L-band input on the UMH with it’s selectable ASI,  C or KU band tuner on the input selection. Today is was ASI input to HDMI to the second 43″ LED monitor.

Yes, FAVNET will become a reseller of these fine products from China to any and all who wish to have a cost effective high performance H.264 Encoder scheme.  Test signals included a SONY Blue Ray for 8 hours alongside a professional CANNON HD SDI camera on input 2 and switched back and forth. Noteworthy, you can push the stream engine to 12 assignable IP outputs simultaneously while output to 2 x ASI as well for the uplink satellite chain. Nice when you have IP based solutions over the internet or a push to a CDN house. Initially had some audio pumping from the decoder only which turned out to be a setting in the output of the ASI chain in the encoder settings! Duh! Thanks to Jordan – technical sales support; who in 2 minutes on Team Viewer spotted the error.

The SMP100 chassis frame supports all sorts of modules including transcoding, so if you think you want to “Chunk” for CDN for iPhone, Droid, Flash, WM player, well you can while you are steaming out your primary high bandwidth encoded signals. Will generate in either Unicast of Multicast UDP or RTP as well.

The SMP100 frame will hold 3 encoder modules which are mostly dual inputs as well.  I found myself switching back and forth between sources, not really fast, but very usable. BTW – I did a hard reboot and clock it at 38 seconds which is pretty darn good. Certainly fast enough to carry off during a TV Ad commercial break! In comparison, I have seen 90 seconds to 2 minutes on encoders costing 5-10 times the price. More as we progress to the next phase of our FCS (FAVNET Certified Solutions) Broadcast IP-Video Uplink trailers and services roll out.

Successful H.264 Video encoder testing

Successful H.264 Video encoder testing  WEALLAV products


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30 Years in the Media & Entertainment as a fiber optics and Telecom pioneer in advanced technology and services for video transport. Grew up in Gods country of Leelanau County Michigan and lived all over the world. I Play guitar and love music of many types; Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical, and Folk. 2006 Joined a WISP as GM and then GVC Winstar in 2007 as PM. 2010 Formed FAVNET LLC to provide advanced Telecommunications services through Satellite and Wireless based technologies. Pioneer /Co-Inventor “Digital Audio Snake” fiber optic audio technologies for Lester Audio Laboratories in 1989. His Sales and Engineering carrier has spanned fiber optic technologies for broadcasting in audio and video applications. FAVNET was created to focus on these advanced technologies for market development and advancements in communications. He has also worked as an independent AV Producer/Technical Director for Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Michael has numerous production credits including a tenure with Walt Disney Entertainment company.

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