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RADWIN solutions link offices and provide high-capacity connectivity over a wide-range area

Tel Aviv, August 30, 2012 – RADWIN (www.radwin.com), the global provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless solutions, today announced that its RADWIN 5000 point to-multipoint and RADWIN 2000 point-to-point solutions were chosen by the McCody Concrete company in North Dakota, US. RADWIN’s systems connect McCody’s offices and production facilities to headquarters and streamline high-capacity real-time applications. FAVNET, a leading turnkey solution provider, was in charge of project design & implementation.

RADWIN 5000 point-to-multipoint and RADWIN 2000 point-to-point solutions deliver over 200 Mbps at long ranges and incorporate advanced technologies such as OFDM, MIMO and a unique air interface to mitigate interference. The wireless radios operate in extreme temperatures, over-water and non line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions. Extremely simple to install, RADWIN’s systems are up and running within hours.
Michael Creamer, Managing Partner, FAVNET: “McCody required a high-speed connection to link multiple offices and facilities. We evaluated a number of systems and RADWIN came out on top in terms of technology, price and performance. We installed RADWIN 5000 point-to-multipoint to connect the offices and drive high capacity to all locations and RADWIN 2000 point-to-point for IP backhaul.”

“RADWIN’s solutions exceeded our expectations. They deliver high capacity over long range and overcome obstacles to line-of-sight such as trees and foliage in their direct path. There was just a one-time cost and since the solutions are in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz spectrum there are zero licensing requirements or fees. Service from RADWIN has been reliable and fast and the customer service from FAVNET has been friendly and proactive,” stated Micki Horab, General Manager, McCody Concrete.

Mike Cook, General Manager, RADWIN North America: “RADWIN’s solutions enable the delivery of high capacity service where fiber is impractical, licensed microwave links are too expensive and fast implementation time is a must. With our solutions, enterprises can link offices that are miles apart and run multiple real-time applications, from VPN, to voice and video conferencing, VoIP and also security applications such as video surveillance. RADWIN provides small, medium and large enterprises a highly compelling offering with the lowest cost of ownership.”

RADWIN is a leading global provider of sub-6 GHz wireless broadband solutions that deliver voice, video and data to fixed and mobile users.  RADWIN’s high-performance, telco-grade solutions serve telecom carriers and service providers, government and public safety agencies, cities, utilities and transportation organizations. RADWIN’s solutions incorporate industry-leading technologies and interference-mitigation mechanisms to deliver high capacity and optimal coverage. RADWIN’s solutions are deployed by thousands of customers in over 140 countries.

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FAVNET MCC – As a follow-up to the announcement successful test by NewTec May 15 with a 310Mb payload on 36MHz transponder, service provider GILAT implemented the FlexACM CCT (Clean Channel Technology) by NewTec into their service platform thereby increasing effeciency and performance.

Gilat Satcom’s Customers Across Africa Benefit from Newtec’s Performance Enhancing Technology

Gilat Satcom, an Israeli-based communication provider offering satellite and fibre-based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has deployed Newtec technology to fully optimise its satellite links for backhauling in Africa on Measat’s Africasat 1, 46° East.
Gilat Satcom upgraded their existing IP trunking network from DVB-S2 CCM/VCM operation to an adaptive ACM environment seamlessly integrating Newtec’s FlexACM® technology (www.newtec.eu/FlexACM). For Gilat Satcom and its customers this technology ensures a more robust link at the highest availability and the most efficient use of the bandwidth.

“Gilat Satcom is committed to providing its customers with the latest technology at affordable prices,” said Ofer Doron, VP of Engineering and Operations of Gilat Satcom. “Deploying Newtec’s FlexACM technology enables us to maximise the throughput of the existing satellite link at all times whilst keeping a robust service in all conditions.”

This proven solution provides the highest throughput in a given leased space capacity to get the most out of this limited resource but being still flexible in matching any possible business model.

“Newtec’s technology, which is being used in this project, boosts the data throughput in Gilat Satcom’s networks,” said Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec. “We are continuously helping our customers to optimise their IP Trunking and IP Backbone network services over satellite and have therefore been able to demonstrate an impressive track record of installations worldwide in Ku-, Ka-, C-band on both geostationary and inclined orbit satellites. We are proud that Gilat Satcom continues to trust Newtec to help them further optimize their transmission services towards their customers.”

Newtec’s FlexACM solution implemented by Gilat Satcom combines a range of different technologies. These include Newtec’s Cross-Layer-Optimization™ (www.newtec.eu/cross-layer-optimizationtm) and Clean Channel Technology™ (CCT, www.newtec.eu/clean-channel-technology).

Through Cross-Layer-Optimization the satellite modulation equipment is in continuous interaction with Newtec’s acceleration, compression, bandwidth management and IP shaping technology. As soon as the satellite link condition changes the link is automatically optimised using Quality-of-Service (QoS) and traffic priority settings. All of this is done without losing any data or connectivity. Cross-Layer-Optimization is unique on the market as it is shaping both the IP and the RF part of the network.

Clean Channel Technology further improves satellite efficiency by up to 15 % compared to the current DVB-S2 standard for IP trunking, backhauling and government networks but also broadcast contribution

Newtec Breaks Ceiling; 2xOC3 on 36 MhZ Satellite Transponder

Newtec breaks speed record, delivering 310 Mbps over 36 MHz Yahsat transponder. Expect commercial availability this year. In what could be considered a ‘world record’ Newtec has demonstrated a 310 Mbps transport over a 36 Mhz transponder. Tests and validations were carried out using existing antennae and power infrastructure on Yahsat’s Y1A. The resulting full duplex STM-1 (2 x 155 Mbps) has never before been achieved on a 36 Mhz transponder. Newtec will be making its next generation technology, capable of enabling these speeds, commercially available during 2012.The link was established using Newtec’s next generation satellite IP modulators and modems in combination with its bandwidth cancellation units (ZN871). The testused Clean Channel Technology™, Bandwidth Cancellation and Wideband (all Newtec Technologies), of which the first two are available and on the market now.Re Blogged from an online article posted on Linked-In by the WTA (World Teleport Association) group. FAVNET does not endorse Newtec by posting this, but expresses this as valuable industry breakthrough technology news.  Kudos to Newtec and their engineering team for breaking the glass ceiling.Michael Creamer – Principal Engineer /Founder FAVNET LLC

Insights to Africa, Emerging Inernet Services

Google is tracking emerging internet usage in Africa with this interactive website.  VSAT, Satellite, Telephony suppliers will all benefit from this data and research. http://www.insightsafrica.com/#!place=home



Middle Eastern Satellite Jamming Concerns


CudaTel VoIP PBX

CudaTel VoIP PBX

FAVNET offers turnkey VoIP PBX services for your office, multiple SIP trunks, DID’s, call forwarding, Conference Calling sessions and more…

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155 years old today

Did you know that the father of the “sign wave’ Heinrich Rudolf Hertz would have been 155 years old.

Click here for more information:

Today the sign wave represents the invisible world of electrical signals, such as RF that is used in Satellite, Cellular, Wi-MAX, Microwave, Television and Audio.


SINOVISION – New Satellite Earth Station, Flushing NY

FAVNET was commissioned by EC Video Systems of Manhattan New York to supply and install an auto acquisition satellite dish to their client; US-based Chinese TV Broadcaster “SINOVISION”. This system acquires satellite downlink from their local mobile uplinked productions, feeding their Flushing New York Master Control with local live and on-demand international back-haul program content satellite feeds states Elbert Chan, President of EC Professional Video, Inc. This new system will have its inaugural debut with a multiple camera live production covering the Chinese New-Years’ Parades in China Town Manhattan then Flushing New York the following weekend. New Jersey based Metro-Vision will provide the production and satellite uplink remote services with multiple hard camera locations, anchor booth, and microwave wireless cameras on the streets. SINOVISION personnel will staff, produce and direct the entire live show production events over two weekends.

Commissioning andinstallation was coordinated by founder/partner Michael Creamer for FAVNET. The entire process including pulling and terminating all cables, testing and integration was completed in just 3 days. “The system is portable and can be moved to a new location, should they desire” states Michael Creamer for FAVNET. We knew they were in a major growth mode and may need the flexibility to relocate easily in the future. Special thanks to the entire SINOVISION IT Broadcast team; Jesse Xu, Charlie Wong and Weihua Peng who braved the January (15F) cold and stayed late to complete the cable pulling.

The TracStar® auto acquisition controller/power supply was located in a shared IT rack on the third floor outside the main studio and control room due to the limitation in space and cable lengths that could not exceed 200 feet. The Ericsson (Formerly Tandberg-TV) model RX1290 IRD (Multi-format SD/HD Integrated Receiver Decoder) was placed in the production master control room to decode and feed SDI video with embedded audio to the main switcher. The programming and test with Metro Vision was quick and painless. Typical SD/SDI transmission is carried on DVBS at 9MHZ of carrier bandwidth on “Galaxy” satellite video ad-hock transponders. The RX1290 is capable of decoding the DVBS and DVBS-2 for future HD productions.

SINOVISION has been providing valuable Chinese language news and program content to over 800,000 viewers in the Metro-New York area through several cable providers and one terrestrial transmitter {WMBC} covering New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. With an eye towards the future and expansion plans, FAVNET recommended the AvL Technologies [Model 2060-1220] 2.0 Meter antennae with quick interchangeable feed horn/LNB assemblies for KU-band and C-band makes the platform extremely versatile. With limited satellite experience, we wanted something fully automated and programmable, states Kinwei Foo Production Manager.

Initially the dish is to acquire content downlink and original program content including news in the Metro New York area. Eventually it will be expanded to include an uplink capacity to back-haul feeds to supply content to other international Asian broadcasters. This marks the 20 years of broadcasting states, Phillip Chang, President & founder of SINOVISION. We are looking to develop more content and we’re going live with our news casts in March of this year. Currently SINOVISION broadcast several news casts on delayed broadcast insertion including news weather sports several times daily.

SINOVSION dish at sunset looking out at Manhattan Skyline


FAVNET LLC, Flower Mound Texas USA, has Signed a MSA with INTELSAT an international satellite services provider, operating one of the largest fleet of satellites in the world.  Combining their four global Teleports,terrestrial fiber optic networks, and the largest fleet of satellites, gives TV broadcasters and telecommunications communication users the best in class of service, states Michael Creamer – Founder and Managing Partner of FAVNET. With our expanding need for Ad-Hock and full-time service, it was a natural alliance for FAVNET continues Creamer.  Already SINOVISION is slated for a two weekend broadcast of the Chinese New Year Parades in New York in early 2012. This will use an INTELSAT (Galaxy 17) satellite for the broadcast.  FAVNET has been contracted to put in their new 2 meter AVL auto acquisition satellite station to re-broadcast to over 3 million households in the New York area on multiple cable systems into the five New York bureaus, Connecticut and New Jersey.

FAVNET Latest to Join Nitel Premier Partner Program

Immediate Release/November 15, 2011

FAVNET Latest to Join Nitel Premier Partner Program

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS [November 15, 2011] – FAVNET has partnered with Nitel, a nationally recognized provider of nationwide telecom network services, as the most recent addition to its Premier Partner Program.  “This was a strategic move to ensure best telephony service availability in remote rural areas for our energy and small business customers,” states Hamilton Johnson, managing partner for FAVNET. “Combined with our wireless and VSAT offerings, this will ensure end to end telephony solutions for our clients,” continues Hamilton.

Nitel is the one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, having more than doubled in size in the last 3 years. Nitel CEO Rick Stern stated, “We are thrilled to work with FAVNET and look forward to a successful partnership.  Nitel’s ability to provide cost-effective connectivity in rural parts of the country complement FAVNET’s current satellite, wireless and telephony offerings very well.”

With n-Tellipro, Nitel’s instant quoting and provisioning tool, FAVNET agents and sub-agents can submit quotes and ascertain availability to customer sites within minutes.  “This speeds up our response time and wireless solutions play determination/execution,” states Hamilton Johnson. “No longer are we waiting 30 days to get a site survey to find a client’s direction.”

FAVNET strives to find the best, most cost-effective solution.  “We are frequently asked, ’Aren’t you a VSAT company?’ FAVNET’s response is, ‘We are a Solutions Company with best-in-class VSAT, Wireless WiMAX, and terrestrial and traditional telephony providers.’  This is our philosophy and plan of attack with each and every client FAVNET takes on.”

Some of the key features that lead FAVNET’s managing partners to sign with Nitel are:

  • Cost Savings – nationwide flat rates on MPLS and Internet T1s
  • Rural network expertise
  • Real-time pricing and provisioning status through n-Tellipro
  • Online trouble reporting through n-Telliserve
  • Nationwide MPLS, Metro-Ethernet, SIP trunking, Internet (DIA) products
  • T1s, DS1s, T3s, DS3s, OCx, FE, GigE, 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps, with over 100 tier 1 carriers.

About Nitel

Nitel is a nationally recognized provider of wholesale MPLS, Ethernet, private line and Internet services.  Clients improve profitability and create operational efficiency with Nitel’s nationwide connectivity services.  Particularly in rural or difficult-to-reach areas, Nitel delivers a significant cost advantage through its unique flat rates.  As a virtual network operator, Nitel maximizes clients’ back-office efficiency using proprietary intelligence tools to accelerate procurement, installation and maintenance across the networks of over 100 carriers.  Clients who need to reach underserved or difficult-to-reach areas trust our expertise.  Products specifically designed for tier 2, tier 3 and rural markets ensure cost-effective connectivity while also delivering reliability and attentive customer service.

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